Jim Fry

He’s used to butter being a tad more yellow and hasn’t had a good slice of bread in months, but otherwise Jim Fry is adjusting nicely to life some 3,500 miles from his native Scotland. "Because my wife is American... Continue Reading →


Emma Tilton

Emma Tilton’s hands-on approach to career exploration convinced her that she’d enjoy a career in the medical field – but probably not as a nurse. Already working as a Nursing Assistant at Johnston Memorial Hospital, she’s seen first-hand what a... Continue Reading →

Tom Brake

Tom Brake is a special kind of landlord. Not only does he design and build living spaces with the needs of his tenants in mind, he spends many warm summer afternoons helping them perform routine housekeeping tasks. It’s more than... Continue Reading →

Courtney Tucker

A few semesters ago, Courtney Tucker traded her desk job in the Financial Aid Office for a work-study position that allows her to collect, bake, and examine owl pellets – masses of indigestible material that is tightly compacted in an... Continue Reading →

Stan Barringer

He’s studied fine wine, history and Hebrew, and spends much of his alone time carefully researching the Thirty Year’s War – that forgotten period in early European history that followed the Protestant Reformation - for a book he hopes to... Continue Reading →

Nicholas Lower

When Nicholas Lower wants to learn something new, he has three primary sources for gathering information – those who are experts in the area, articles he finds in magazines and online, and YouTube. And while that may seem like a... Continue Reading →

Brittany Cox

Forget e-readers, Brittany Cox likes the feel of a real book in her hands. She enjoys flipping the pages and knowing exactly how many are left until she reaches the end. She likes searching through libraries and bookstores and the... Continue Reading →

Emery Reid

You won’t catch Emery Reid slurping down a caramel macchiato or a vanilla latte with his morning muffin. He prefers to enjoy the bold taste of expertly roasted beans without extra flavors added, and has developed a deep appreciation for... Continue Reading →

Mikal Davis

Mikal Davis knows when to water a cactus, the best type of soil for corn and squash, and which houseplants could be lethal to cats. She’s hoping to turn her vast knowledge of plants and a degree in horticulture into... Continue Reading →

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