Joel Rudy

Joel Rudy is the king of the Boolean search, a lover of books, and a collector of toys. He loves the mountains of the region and can often be found outdoors, either hiking the Creeper Trail or cruising the region’s... Continue Reading →


Claire Peterson

Claire Peterson was recently enjoying a much-anticipated visit with her best friend, catching up as old friends do when too much time has passed since they last talked. It was already shaping up to be a great day, she said,... Continue Reading →

Olivia Denton Smith

Prior to joining the President’s Office at VHCC, Olivia Denton Smith dry cleaned clothes, baked biscuits, led fitness classes, owned and operated a tanning salon, sold cosmetics, helped in a daycare center, worked for engineers and city leaders, and played... Continue Reading →

Rebecca Pippin

The unique necklace of freshwater pearls and iridescent beads looped around Rebecca Pippin’s neck is much more than a fashion accessory. This treasured piece of jewelry was created by artisans from the remote Bwa G’Naw region of Thailand and, for... Continue Reading →

Daniel Lee

If you ask Daniel Lee about his hobbies, his interests, or his plans for the future, he will likely engage you in a powerful conversation about his love for all types of music and his passion for learning new things.... Continue Reading →

Ben Casteel

If Ben Casteel invites you over for a home cooked meal, ask him to serve eggplant parmesan. He grows the main ingredient himself and considers the dish one of his specialties. If he offers to play you a song, request... Continue Reading →

Ben, Jeremy, Joseph & Johnnie

When Jeremy Sizemore enters his classroom each day, he feels like he’s stepping onto the set of the television series “How It’s Made.” “If you like that show, you’ll like this class,” he said, referring to the show on Science... Continue Reading →

Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson wants to change the Constitution. Not the U.S. Constitution, but rather the principles that guide the VHCC Student Government Association. The move is needed, he explained, to establish a food pantry on campus that will be maintained by... Continue Reading →

Courtney Blankenbeckler

Courtney Blankenbeckler is a material girl. Not the type that’s focused on the finer things in life, but rather the kind that enjoys shopping for a unique piece of fabric, then transforming it into a one-of-a-kind garment with her trusty... Continue Reading →

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